A Title Deed is documentary proof of ownership in terms of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937. Each property has its own separate Title Deed. It is an important document containing all the details pertaining to a particular property. It gets filed at the Title Deeds offices in various areas according to where the property is situated. A Title Deed is the most important document as far as property ownership is concerned. It is a legal document which confirms or proves that one is the owner of a property after having been transferred into ones name. It contains important details about the property the details of the property:

  • A detailed and correct description of the property, with its size, boundaries and exact position.
  • The name and identity number of the person/ persons or legal entity who legally own the property. (It is possible for more than one owner to be listed on a title deed.)
  • The date when the property was last transferred
  • The last purchase price
  • Any factors that could restrict the sale of the property, for example, a home loan or servitude
  • Conditions of the use of the property
  • Diagram Number of the surveyed property
  • Allowed Zoning and use